Mother's concern

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Mother's concern

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Mother's concern for children is different from any concern in the world. It is really heart-wrenching, guilty, and hanging. Because the children are the meat of the mother, the blood of the mother is flowing on the children! Worried? The mother��s concern is that for me, who is working as a soldier after being out of the country, the experience is even deeper. I am worried about it. It is a kind of heartache. The pain of heartache is the extreme love when I am learning. After the "Youzi ��": "Music mother in the hands of the line, wandering clothes. The line is tightly sealed, the intention is delayed. Who said that the heart of the grass, reported three Chunhui." That is the most classic concern. At that time, I read it, catchy, catch up, and get cooked, but I don��t understand it deeply. I can��t really understand the taste of my mother��s care for my children. I have been very different since I was a soldier. At first, I chewed out from the words written by my mother. Later, I learned about my mother��s concern from neighbors, relatives and friends. I feel that it is not easy to be a mother. I clearly remember that the first letter I received after I was a soldier was written by my mother. I feel heartfelt and incomparably moved. Because the mother was busy working in the village committee office at that time, she rarely wrote letters to others. Most of her letters and letters were borne by her father. My mother��s personal letter is a concern for her son. She should think carefully and slowly consider what she cares about her son Marlboro Reds 100S Carton. She will talk about her concerns, that is, work, study, training, life, etc. in the army. Every aspect. In fact, I have written these letters in general, but the mother is not the same. She asked more detailed and comprehensive Newport Coupons For Cartons. Some of them didn��t even think about it, but the mother thought of it. This is the mother��s concern for her son. At the very end, considering such nuances, there is a strong maternal love in the care. Reading the letter, tears have been smashed, dripping onto the letter paper, tears melted into the mother's concern. The mother's biggest concern is that the children are in deep danger. My experience of going to the front line of Laoshan in Yunnan is the most concern of my mother. I have mentioned it several times in my mother��s article Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa, but today I want to write more intense desires. a feeling of. That was in December 1984, my troops suddenly received an order to perform combat missions on the front line of Laoshan. When I heard my heart, I was shocked. When I calmed down, I repeatedly thought about how to write letters to my parents. I was a little scared when I heard it. Not to mention the parents who had reached the age, but my father said that he was a big man. What can the mother do? The mother is not very good physically, suffering from heart disease, stomach problems, etc. If the mother knows that she has gone to the front line Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale, can she not care? If she is worried, can she be stable? If she is not stable, it will easily lead to My condition is worse than heart disease, and I am worried that my mother will not be able to withstand such a heavy blow. When I think about it, I am planning my heart. I can't mention the front line. I can't send a letter directly to the front line. In that case, the postmark on the front line will be revealed. Only in the letter. The set of letters will not be revealed, that is, the letter written on the front line will be sent to the mainland comrades in the envelope, and the comrades in the mainland will send it to the home. I was smug in the hope of coming up with such a good idea. After six days and seven nights of hard marching, the troops finally reached the front line of Laoshan. Due to the long delay of the march, I was afraid that my parents would be worried. I would write a letter in a little time, and when I wrote it, I would like to follow the method of "lettering in the letter". I went to the comrades in the Mainland and sent them to my mother by my comrades. This time, although the time for sending letters was extended several times, my mother always thought that I was busy with work and did not cause suspicion. I thought that the work was seamless Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. However, after a few months, a comrade in the neighboring village went home to visit the wind and said that I went to the front
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