Ever since I met you, m

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Ever since I met you, m

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Ever since I met you, my mind is full of you. Your white figure slowly falls into my eyes, but it illuminates my heart. I have been looking for you to bring me warmth, but every time I come into contact with you, you are gradually coming from my eyes. The disappearance, no sound, no shadow, I have not seen you for a long time, suddenly one day, you suddenly appear, your clear and mysterious figure slowly appeared in front of my eyes, your appearance makes me unable to tell the truth is reality Still fantasy, I have been looking for a way out, but I am lost again and again in my own self. Every contact, I will find that you slowly overlap with me in my heart. Sometimes I feel that you are a continuation of the latter, but still keep unique. The soul of the soul, you can give me anything that no one can give. Time can't give me too much suspicion Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. I can only make my expectations. If a sentence can make time back for a second, I hope to go back to our mutual acquaintance. Maybe it is not sorry when I say it. But I am missing the passage of your years, let us stay in the long river of time, it is difficult to hold each other's hands, I have been waiting for your arrival, no complaints, no complaints, only eager anticipation, in the leaves When you are finished, you hope to find a place where our flowers are, fill the whole autumn, plant the seeds of flowers, and look forward to all the hopes of spring blossoms from my hard-working thoughts, stepping into the paradise of love. It is like a slow-growing plant that needs constant irrigation. Therefore, I am constantly beautifying my hopes, applying fertilizer, pruning leaves, killing pests, and hoping that there will be more lasting greenery waiting for the years to feel like crossing the storm Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. Sailing, panic, helplessness, confusion, ignorance of the upcoming events, the only thing that is firmly determined is to reach the distant harbor. Therefore, in a firm belief, adjust your body and mind to the most high-spirited state Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa, calm down. Looking into the distance, welcoming beautiful things to your arrival, I am filled with joy, let me be full of unrealistic sweet expectations for happiness Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, I have been planning They have a good life, but they are too addicted to the rosy imagination, so that it is not true, too many demands and expectations, which leads us to look far and wide, and finally become a familiar stranger. I have been thinking about how to build two. Personal life, perhaps, two people are not only happy, but also a holiday, a sympathetic, a life and death, and a test of each other, a loyalty to love, a torment to the heart, A familiarity with the destruction of life and the establishment of a new model is a combination of two sides that combines the wisdom and courage of humanity. Just like entering a strange continent, everything can happen, so it needs to have enough clear understanding and psychology. ready. In the gradual realization of the realization, there are new ideas and methods for treating the lives of two people. Every night, people will evoke memories deep inside, which is unforgettable. Slowly go to taste, know the sweetness and pain, repeat it again and again, depicting your fresh and elegant face Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, and your sweet smile. Maybe you will appear again that day, you quietly walk into my world, I still treasure you in my heart.
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