What did you think of Dobby?

Обсуждение фильмов о Гарри Поттере. Слухи, сплетни и даже факты )

Модераторы: FOUX, Mister Grafunchik, Sergey, Рихтер, Артём

What did you think of Dobby?

Сообщение JensenBreck 03 окт 2017, 14:48

Hello all,

I thought he was really funny - espacially the part where he comes to Private Drive to warn Harry that he is in danger :D also the way Harry thought LV had a brother ( hey that's a great idea for a fan fic too bad i can't write) - and also a bit dangerous. A great combination of humor and over zealous will to serve, truely one of a kind

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