TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay September 21 pres

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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay September 21 pres

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Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay(On if the team plans to begin player treatments right after the game this week to prepare for their Thursday night game next week)”Yup , those guys did a great job with that last year. The sooner that you can start the recovery process, the better. Like we’ve said, our focus is solely on doing a great job this Sunday. Then, after the game, then they’ll get started on that preparation.”(On the challenge of being the head coach and play caller)”I think the biggest thing that you feel so good about is that you have great people around you that you can lean on and you can work through stuff. I think while you are the head coach, we do things as a coaching staff, as an organization and there’s a lot of people that are involved in our decision making. That’s what I feel so fortunate about is being able to lean on people. You have such confidence in the defensive staff and the special teams coaches to do an excellent job. If you are a little bit more involved with the offensive staff, those guys do a great job if I’m not around. But, if you are a little more heavily involved with the offense, you feel totally confident that you can kind of step away and know that things are going to be handled in the right manner. But, it’s constantly just trying to balance it out. I think it’s really all about the efficiency every single day, but you never want to do anything – if you are going to be involved in the offense like that – that takes away from being a good play caller. How you balance that as a head coach is something that I’m continuing to learn on the fly, but having great people around you helps ease that transition.”(On how the chemistry between his offense staff has developed)”Yeah, it’s gone great. I really can’t say enough about the leadership that (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer and (Pass Game Coordinator) Coach (Shane) Waldron have provided. Watching the way that (Quarterbacks Coach) Zac Taylor has smoothly transitioned into that quarterback room where he’s running all the meetings and doing an excellent job getting those guys up to speed. You feel so fortunate with the way that things have gone. Then, we’ve added a guy in (Senior Offensive Assistant) Jedd Fisch who’s had a lot of coordinator experience. He’s doing a bunch of different work that really helps us out in a variety of ways. He’s been very beneficial to me in terms of the preparation. But really, that’s our whole offensive staff. But White Andrew Whitworth Jersey , those guys who have really stepped into new roles have done an excellent job filling the voids left by (former Rams offensive coordinator) Matt (LaFleur) and by (former Rams quarterbacks coach) Greg (Olson) who are great coaches and doing great things. Couldn’t feel better about those guys around you and they’ve been excellent.”(On how G Jamon Brown’s week of practice went and if he’d be able to play on Sunday if he was needed)”Yeah, (G) Jamon (Brown) did a nice job and I think he’s kept himself in good shape. He’ll be one of the guys that’ll be up and ready to go on game day. We feel good about Jamon. He’ll be ready to go.”(On if Brown can play left guard as well)”Yeah, he could. I think there’s a lot of movement. If somebody did get injured, it depends on who and then how we would adjust the lineup. The nice thing is, really, about both Jamon and (OL) Austin (Blythe), they have the ability to play either guard. Obviously, Austin can play that center spot. Then, (T Joseph) Noteboom as well. He can play, really, the guard spot. So, I think Coach Kromer’s ability to cross-train players, enables you with seven linemen up on gameday to have some flexibility. I think it would really be predicated on what was a result of those guys having to go in. Hopefully, we avoid that. That’s not a situation, but if so, then it would depend on who would be that we’re replacing and what moves we make after that.”(On how WR KhaDarel Hodge has transitioned into a roster spot)”Yeah White Brandin Cooks Jersey , he has done a good job. I think, really, the way that we practice throughout the course of the week, it really hasn’t been much different than when he was on the practice squad. He still took a lot of reps this week giving guys a great look. Then, spotted our receivers here and there to be able to fill in. If he has to do that, we have confidence he’ll be ready to go. We expect him to compete well for (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) ‘Bones’ in a couple phases of our special teams. He’s a guy that’s taking steps in the right direction and that’s all you can ask for from some of those players.”(On if WR Cooper Kupp is a player who can also stretch the field like WR Brandin Cooks and WR Robert Woods)”Yeah, you see him make plays down the field. Whether it’s some of those deep crossing routes or sometimes at that three spot. He’s had some opportunities and he’s made plays when you go back to last year and just seeing that. But, we really have all of our receivers that can be the top shelf of some of our three-level throws and different things like that. We feel good about all those guys being able to do that.”(On how he keeps WR Josh Reynolds spirits up when he’s not getting as much playing time)”Well, I think (WR) Josh (Reynolds) has an appreciation and understanding for the situation. Also, Josh missed a lot of time with that ankle injury that he suffered against Baltimore (Ravens) in the preseason. But, Josh knows that we feel very confident in him. We think he’s a starting-caliber receiver. He does a great job being ready to go, really, at all three spots if something were to happen or if those guys need a blow. But, he ‘s continuing to develop. (Wide Receivers) Coach (Eric) Yarber does a great job. (Assistant Wide Receivers) Coach (Liam) Coen, just continuing to get those guys taking steps in the right direction. Like you look at Josh last year, when (WR) Robert (Woods) went down and he stepped in and started for a few games. You know it’s not too big for him. We feel like he’s continuing to get better and better. Josh is a starting-caliber receiver in our mind White Cory Littleton Jersey , for sure.”(On if he wants to continue with a lot of two-point conversions)”It was something that was more a result of (K) Greg (Zuerlein) going down and that was what we felt like was necessary. I think, dependent upon the menu of plays and kind of the flow of the game, could potentially dictate us doing that. But, you do feel good about (K) Sam (Ficken) and hopefully we don’t get in a situation where he gets injured right before the game.”(On how Ficken is doing)”He’s done good. He just had a great day and he has had a good week overall. We’ve got a lot of confidence Sam. It’s good to have him back around. I think he’s ready and excited to go.” For the second straight year, the Patriots have tried to show Rob Gronkowski how much he's valued.The All-Pro tight end says he's feeling the love and is looking forward to showing them his appreciation on the field.Last week the Patriots added $4.3 million in incentives to Gronkowski's contract over the next two seasons. The deal includes $1 million in per game bonuses and $3.3 million in incentives for catches, playing time and touchdowns.It is the second consecutive season the team has added sweeteners to the 29-year-old's contract. Last season the incentives New England gave him pushed his compensation to more than $10 million.With this latest restructured deal he has the potential to make $12.3 million this season and $13.3 million next year. It could again place him among the league's highest-paid tight ends as he prepares to open his ninth NFL season Sunday against Houston."It's definitely a relief to have that all out of the way," Gronkowski said Tuesday. "That was last week. That's in the past, which is good. I'm just gonna put my main focus on the Houston Texans."This new pact comes after Gronk made a silent statement by skipping the voluntary portion of offseason workouts.When he returned for the mandatory minicamp he wasn't bashful in saying he'd like to see his contract redone again on the heels of other NFL players getting offseason raises.Gronk insisted that there was never any acrimony between himself and the Patriots this summer over his contract."It didn't weigh on me at all," he said. "I mean, everything is always 'in the works.' Nothing is just gonna happen in a day when it's something like that. It's in the past. ... It's go-time now."Gronkowski put himself in position to renegotiate after leading the team in receptions (69), receiving yards (1,084) and receiving touchdowns (eight) last season.Though he never contemplated holding out, Gronkowski said he isn't envious of some of the heftier contracts that some of his NFL peers have gotten recently."I'm super-satisfied with my situation," he said. "If I wasn't, then I would try to pull a move like they (did). It just works out. You get rewarded for holding out. But I'm not frustrated at all. ... I'm ready to play."He expected to again be one of 41-year-old quarterback Tom Brady's top targets in the passing game. His importance to the offense will only be amplified with receiver Julian Edelman suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancers.Brady is also adjusting to some new receivers, following the trade of Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams and Danny Amendola signing a free agent deal with Miami.With Edelman out , Chris Hogan — entering his third season in New England — is the most-tenured receiver Brady will have at the start of the season.Special teams captain Matt Slater is listed as a receiver. But he has caught just one pass in 10 seasons with the Patriots.Still, Gronk said he doesn't feel any extra pressure to produce more than he normally does."There's always pressure around this building, no matter what the situation is," he said. "When you lose a guy, or for example when they lose me out there on the field, the goal is just to keep on maintaining what you're doing."No matter who is in there, who's not, I just gotta keep focusing on my job and keep helping the team the best way I can."NOTES: Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey made headlines last week when he told "ESPN The Magazine" that "I don't think Gronk is as great as people think he is." Asked if he had any reaction, Gronkowski said he'd defer responding for now. "We got the Houston Texans this week," he said. "That will just be another time and place to talk about (that). But, as of right now, I'm just focused on the Texans." New England visits Jacksonville on Sept. 16.
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Re: TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay September 21 pres

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She knew a good interview was ahead.And it was , with Rodgers not only reveling in the comeback he'd led on NBC's first Sunday night telecast this season, but guaranteeing his knee problems would not sideline him for the next game against Minnesota.It was a short conversation that highlighted how a sideline reporter — perhaps the most thankless job in sports broadcasting — can bring news and some entertainment to the viewer.That's something Tafoya has been doing for three outlets: NBC, ABC and ESPN. She worked her 250th game when the Cowboys beat the Giants in Week 2 of the NFL schedule."The other night with Aaron, you could feel the air leave that building when he was hurt," Tafoya says. "Are you kidding me? The thought occurred he might be done, and he was done early last year, too. And then to witness the comeback, it was sort of like watching a movie."When he came back on the field and he was on the sideline, Mike McCarthy was saying, 'We will see if he is ready.' Aaron was smiling and had that gleam, and there's nothing like that when it's in his eyes, when he has that little mystery in him. Then to see he was so ticked when they had to settle for a field goal on his first drive back, he was livid."Then the gleam came back, and I thought about it throughout that performance — and you are standing right there; my eyes were on this guy even if the camera couldn't be.'"As for the comeback to beat the Bears, which didn't surprise Tafoya at all because she's seen it so many times from the Packers star, "He knew it. He has an uncanny ability to focus and seem to be relaxed in the process."There are so many inherent difficulties in the sideline reporters' jobs. The last thing they want to be is superfluous, yet nuggets of knowledge aren't always available. Pro sports teams aren't all that forthcoming with any information, let alone injuries or benchings.By necessity, the time Tafoya and her peers have on the air is limited; fans tune in for the action on the field, not for who is announcing. It's a get in and get out sort of environment, so being concise and precise are essential."The No. 1 job for any broadcaster is 'getting it right.' Michele embraces that responsibility and works extremely hard to fulfill it," says Fred Gaudelli, executive producer for "Sunday Night Football.""A top-level sideline reporter needs to excel in a few areas. No. 1, they should be a reporter first, and possess the skills that go with that job. Second Green Bay Packers T-Shirt , they have to be versatile and understand tone. Versatile in the sense that they are equally effective in telling a personal story or reporting on a serious matter. Tone in the sense that their delivery fits the story."And lastly, they must be fast on their feet in what's often a chaotic environment. Things change quickly and they must be able to absorb the changes and report them effectively. Michelle gets an A-plus in all those categories."Probably her most challenging work came when then-Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsed just before halftime of a Sunday night game in 2013. The coach was wheeled into the locker room on a stretcher, but there was very little information immediately available on his condition.Tafoya did what any professional reporter should do, sticking to what she knew."The Houston head coach collapsed and no one saw exactly when it happened," Tafoya reported. "It happened on or near the 20 (yard line), which appeared to be when he was walking off the field. He was attended, surrounded by medical staff. He was speaking, but he also looked to be in extraordinary pain. He could not open his eyes. ..."It appeared again that he tried to sit up momentarily, could not stay up. They laid him back down. I never once saw him open his eyes, but we did confirm that he was talking as he was wheeled off the field. A situation that we are going to continue to follow. Very frightening down here."Tafoya stayed with the story even as the game continued. She spoke with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who took over Kubiak's duties for the second half, and told her audience what Phillips had been told by the medical staff:"Now, what he was told was that this trip to the hospital in the ambulance is purely precautionary for Gary Kubiak, that his heart rate was fine, that his pulse was fine, again, it's precautionary. This is what Wade Phillips told me. He said, 'You know, with coaching, it could be that he's just spent too many nights staying up all night and it's finally caught up with him.'"Tafoya made it clear to her audience that there was no official word from the team. When that word did come, she made sure to interview Texans general manager Rick Smith, providing firsthand knowledge to viewers.Again, precisely the right journalistic approach."I am most proud of the Kubiak situation," she says. "We had to very measured and it is difficult to remain in that state when you are dealing with a situation that could go very badly in an instance. I worked every angle I possibly could in the confines of that stadium. I am very proud of that work."Packers QB Aaron Rodgers does Shark Week Packers All-Pro quarterback, Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Hats , joined in on the Shark Week festivities on Monday. He was one of several current and former professional athletes to join in throughout the week. Others include Shaquille O’Neal, Rhonda Rousey, Lindsey Vonn and, Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski.Rodgers was on the show Monster Tag, off the coast of San Diego, attempting to help the shark researchers tag a Blue Shark and raise awareness for the animals.Joined by shark researcher Riley Elliott, PhD, Rodgers and the teams’ goal was to apply a satellite tracker to a Blue Shark in order to track it’s migration patterns. With this tracker in place, it can provide more information that can help lead to the protection and conservation of the animals. While the thought of having your future Hall of Fame quarterback tangling with the ultimate apex predator is alarming, there were plenty of protections in place. Rodgers was outfitted with a diving suit that helped block electrical signals caused by heart beats that the shark’s electro-sensory system can track. He was also taught (and pulled off expertly) what was essentially a stiff-arm move to redirect curious Blue Sharks. The Blue Shark is nearly threatened with extinction so helping protect them and tracking their patterns was an essential goal to help with species survival. According to, the Blue Shark is an open-ocean predator, can swim up to 25 MPH, and can grow 9’-10’ in length. Also, attacks to humans by the Blue Shark are very infrequent. According to some Wikipedia sleuthing, from 1580-2013, there are only 13 recorded biting incidents with four of those ending fatally.Blue SharkOceanaWhile Rodgers was successful at accurately hitting the practice target with the tagging spear gun— because of course he was— they ultimately didn’t get a chance to tag a shark that approached them. Rodgers got a chance to execute his shark redirect move to a curious Blue Shark, but it quickly swam back into the depths of the Pacific. Now, let’s please get Rodgers back on the gridiron conquering Lions and Bears— not sharks.If you’re interested, you can track the sharks that Vonn and Gronk tagged during the episode here.Also, if you’re a passionate animal lover like Rodgers, you can get more information on protecting and restoring oceans here.

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