The Los Angeles Rams remain undefeated after a hard-fought b

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The Los Angeles Rams remain undefeated after a hard-fought b

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It was an ugly game, sure, but it also revealed a lot of overreactions from fans. Best OverreactionTerrible calls by the refs affected the game tremendously I’m usually pretty sympathetic to what NFL referees have to accomplish during a game; it’s Johnny Hekker Jersey a thankless job that requires hard work and determination . And still, the refs were a hot mess on Sunday and nearly cost the Rams the W. The phantom facemask call is my new mystery that I’m obsessed with. They should start a true crime podcast where the point is to find out why the refs thought there was a penalty on that play. Ndamukong Suh had an offsides flag pulled on him was also a national travesty and Aaron Donald was getting held all game. Worst OverreactionCoach Sean McVay’s major flaw is his inability to just trust the run game in key situationsThe offensive playcalling for the Los Angeles has been called into question after the team had their lowest scoring output of the season (by ten points). After QB Jared Goff threw on 3rd and 6, resulting in an INT, the term “pass happy” popped up on Twitter in regards to Coach McVay. I don’t side with this overreaction because while several plays didn’t the go the Rams’ way offensively Lamarcus Joyner Color Rush Jersey , mainly with the passing game, it was more of an anomaly than bad coaching. Goff was completing some impressively clutch passes to Robert Woods consistently throughout the game, it’s just that dice didn’t roll the Rams’ way, leading to more punting situations than fans are used to. So yeah, McVay didn’t have a great game, but it’s not a flaw of his coaching ability. And Todd Gurley had 28 rushing attempts , which is the second most of his career (he had 30 carries in his rookie season against the Green Bay Packers.) So, the Rams didn’t beat the spread. Big deal. It was a gritty win by the 6-0 Rams. By no means is it an overreaction to state that the Rams are the class of the NFL. Aaron Rodgers could have a peg leg and he’d still be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Those rubbing their hands like a cartoon villain at the thought of Rodgers hobbling around without a knee brace will be SOL when the Los Angeles Rams play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The Packers haven’t had the best season and without Rodgers, they’d be winless, in my opinion. Rodgers isn’t the glue that keeps the team together. He’s the metaphorical dad whose trying to salvage the piece of crap dollhouse his idiot children made. This was a fourth-and-six situation which Rodgers converted using his legs. Rodgers hopes to be without a knee brace against the Rams. This game featured a slightly smaller brace than what he used in previous weeks. No matter what his issues are, Rodgers always overcomes and makes plays happen. Rodgers’ pocket almost immediately shrinks with the blitz from the outside linebacker. He somehow makes a seemingly impossible 30-yard throw — on the run — to Valdes-Scantling for 30 yards. Rodgers is known for making the big plays under pressure. But pressure doesn’t always mean Rodgers is going to make that must-have play. There were quite a few instances against San Francisco where Rodgers either killed the play with a spiked pass or thrown away ball. Adequate pressure or not, Rodgers is the Green Bay offense and he’s the reason they’ve won every game this season. He led the charge in the second half against the Lions and cut the final score down to eight points (Detroit led 24-0 midway through the third quarter). The Rams passing defense has allowed nine passing touchdowns in the last four games. Like Detroit Mark Barron Color Rush Jersey , LA can apply the pressure consistently and let Rodgers and the Packers make their own mistakes. Rodgers put up more than 400 yards against the Lions. But most of his yards came when he was trying to make a second-half comeback. Keeping up with DevonteThe defensive back does a great job keeping man coverage on Devonte Adams, which prevents a touchdown on a critical third-down stop. Adams is always a threat, but in the last two weeks, he’s been a go-to favorite for Rodgers. The receiver has a combined 28 targets (19 catches) and has 272 receiving yards with three touchdowns.Now compare that with this fourth quarter on third-and-goal from the six yard-line. There is just enough separation between Adams and the defender and just enough height on the ball for Adams to make the touchdown to eventually tie the game. I have no idea what in the hell the defender over Adams is doing. Like a wireless controller, his brain seems to have lost connection because Adams runs through the large gap between the corner and the safety, who walks down and takes the outside away from Adams who slants back inside for the score. Be aware of GrahamJimmy Graham had his first 100-yard day against San Francisco and it’s because of plays like this. The linebackers come up the field on the fake-handoff and no one accounts for the biggest receiver on the field. The Cover 1 safety shifts to Rodgers right Rob Havenstein Jersey , leaving Graham room to run. Big defensive miscue.
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