It’s also possible that the 49ers are simply

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It’s also possible that the 49ers are simply

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When it comes to NFL negotiations Richard Sherman Color Rush Jersey , there’s almost always more than meets the eye. As it relates to the 49ers’ reported interest in free-agent kicker Stephen Gostkowski, it’s hard not to wonder what else may be going on.It’s possible that the 49ers hope to persuade franchise-tagged kicker Robbie Gould to accept a pending offer on a long-term deal. It’s also possible that the 49ers are simply trying to bluff Gould into signing his $4.971 million franchise tender, for fear that it will be rescinded.If the 49ers sign Gostkowski, the 49ers surely will strip the franchise tender from Gould, since it becomes fully guaranteed the moment that it’s accepted. Thus, if the 49ers are serious about Gostkowski, they need to strip the tender from Gould before inking Gostkowski.Of course , maybe Gould would welcome the chance to hit the open market. Maybe he already knows what he’d get on a long-term deal, if he can get free from the 49ers.However it plays out, Gould and the 49ers currently are engaged in a game of equal parts chess, checkers, and chicken, with Gostowski serving as a wild card. Today we take a closer look at Michigan linebacker Devin Bush and examine if he can be a great fit in the 49ers defense."Today we are going to take a closer look at Michigan product linebacker and Devin Bush. Devin Bush played a big role in the Wolverine defense and had a productive season in 2018. As he gets ready to transition into the NFL, let us further explore and see how Bush can be a fit in the 49ers defense.Combine Results:40 Yard Dash: 4.43Bench Press: 21 RepsVertical Jump: 40.5”Broad Jump: 124.0”3 Cone: 6.9320 Yard Shuttle: 4.23Measurables:Height: 5’11”Weight: 234 lbs.Hands: 9 5/8”Arms: 32”Summary:Devin Bush had an outstanding final season in Ann Arbor being named the Big10 Defensive Player of the Year and a second-team All-American. He recorded 80 tackles Mike Person Jersey , 9.5 tackles for a loss, 5 sacks, and 6 passes broken up. While he might be considered a bit, undersized Bush has a filled-out frame to support and absorb the hits and contact. Bush plays a physical brand of football.Bush has dual-threat abilities as both a run-stopping and pass protecting linebacker. This adds value to Bush as a potential three-down starter at the next level. Bush uses his eyes well, and has great anticipation for where the play is going to occur. His eyes follow the quarterback’s eyes which in turn, allows Bush to position himself to where the ball is going.Bush has a natural blend of upper and lower body strength, with good Patrick Willis Color Rush Jersey , consistent body control and balance through contact. Bush has demonstrated his ability to deliver leveraged hand strikes against blocks. Bush also demonstrates patience against run blocking. Trusts his lower body strength and legs to drive through upright blockers. Bush has great initial burst and all-around speed and has the traits to be a sideline-to-sideline runner. He will be able to defend against runners and receivers horizontally, especially in the short and intermediate levels of the field. Bush doesn’t allow himself to get caught up in crowded lanes and navigates his way through traffic to make clean tackles on ball carriers on running plays. Bush is probably the most versatile linebacker in this draft class.Bush has experience as a pass rusher and blitzer and doesn’t show his hand to blockers on designed blitz packages. One big advantage Bush has with his size is his ability to slip by blockers through narrow gaps and lanes when rushing the passer on critical passing downs. Is Devin Bush a fit for the 49ers? Detroit Free Press-USA TODAY SportsI truly believe that Bush is the type of linebacker that the 49ers are looking for in the defense that they want to employ. Yes, he is a somewhat undersized for the position. However, his speed and ability to cover the middle of the field from sideline to sideline is a big plus in today’s pass-friendly league. Bush has a lot of value as a potential three-down linebacker with his strong abilities as a defender against both the pass and run. Add on the abilities to create disruption in the opponent’s backfield and producing sacks against the passer and you really do have a well-rounded linebacker. His filled-out frame should be the final check mark to dispel any worries about his size. The fact of the matter is, Bush is a day one talent. With that said, is there any scenario that has Bush landing with the 49ers? Chances are slim, but not totally out of the question. What if the 49ers traded out of the second overall pick , and acquired additional draft capital? Perhaps another first round selection from鈥ough鈥ough鈥he Oakland Raiders鈥nd used that additional first rounder on Bush in the early twenties. Again, chances are slim but as I always say with the draft鈥ever say never!What are YOUR thoughts on Devin Bush? If the 49ers acquire another pick later in the first round is Devin Bush an option? Please share in the comments below!
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