Kyle Juszczyk remains the third quarterback

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Kyle Juszczyk remains the third quarterback

Сообщение liny195 03 дек 2018, 06:37

The San Francisco 49ers had to reshuffle the quarterback position after starter Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a season-ending knee injury. C.J. Beathard is now the starter going into Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers , and Nick Mullens serves as his backup. But there’s always Plan C if either of those don’t work. Per Matt Maiocco, Kyle Juszczyk remains the third quarterback in emergencies. The 49ers haven’t carried a true third quarterback the past two seasons due to roster constraints, and Juszczyk has been the guy to serve in a pinch. What could happen if he’s called in? Well here’s what he told Maiocco: Part of me wants the 49ers to do well and get out of Los Angeles with little issues as possible so we can fully gauge what they have going forward. But the other, and more chaotic side of me says, “Nooooooooooo! Forget all of that! Let’s put Juszczyk in there and watch that circus.” The only way anyone is going to see Juszczyk is if both Beathard and Mullens are knocked out of the game. At that point, it’s mostly a formality where the 49ers would be focusing less on winning and more on trying to escape Los Angeles with what little they have left. As interesting as a Juszczyk game could be seeing him behind center, he just won’t match up to the game where the New York Jets had to put their punter in—and the punter actually did quite well. He still managed to realize he was the punter and cough up the game, but he made it one of the better games that weekend. Offensive weapon indeed. Fooch’s update: The Raiders officially released Irvin on Monday , per the daily transaction wire. He is a vested veteran, but because this happened post-trade deadline, he has to go through the waivers process. All 31 other teams can place a waiver claim on him over the next 24 hours. Waivers runs at 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday, at which point we’ll find out where he might be headed.The San Francisco 49ers will not make the playoffs in 2018, but the return of Jimmy Garoppolo and Jerick McKinnon in 2019 coupled with a high draft pick puts them in position to compete for the postseason then. With that in mind, any roster moves moving forward should factor that in to a certain extent.Which brings us to the Oakland Raiders. Beat writer Vic Tafur reported on Saturday that the Raiders had decided to cut pass rusher Bruce Irvin. It has been a tough year for Irvin, who had served as a complement to Khalil Mack in 2016 and 2017. Irvin can still get to the passer, but he is a complement more than a primary option. Dealing away Mack has made life a lot more difficult for Irvin Womens Mike Person Jersey , who has three sacks through eight games — a season after matching his career high with eight sacks.Where this gets interesting is the waiver wire. If the Raiders had cut Irvin prior to the trade deadline, he would have become a free agent immediately. After the trade deadline, vested veterans become subject to the waiver wire system. By waiting until after the trade deadline, all 31 other teams can put in a claim on Irvin to pick up the final season-plus of his contract.Irvin is signed through 2019, earning $8 million this season (his new team would owe him $4 million the rest of the season) and $9 million (plus a $250,000 workout bonus) next year. If he is claimed off waivers, the new team would owe that (his 2019 salary is not guaranteed). If he is not claimed, he would be signing a new contract.Irvin is likely hoping none of the teams outside the playoff chase claim him , and instead he lands with a Super Bowl contender. However, any team can place a claim on him. Waiver priority is based on draft order, and right now, the 49ers would hold the third position. Buffalo could climb ahead of them with a loss depending on strength of schedule, so the 49ers are looking at third or fourth in waiver priority.Once Irvin is officially waived, I have to think his agent will be on the phone with teams atop the waiver list to a) ask if they are thinking of claiming Irvin and b) make it clear he wants to play for a contender. That being said, it might make sense for the 49ers to put in a claim on Irvin. They are not playing for the playoffs this year, but they are hopefully upgrading the pass rush next offseason. They have a high pick and plenty of cap room. Maybe they try and sign DeMarcus Lawrence Authentic Pierre Garcon Jersey , or maybe they spend a top five pick on a premium pass rusher. Either way, they could be in a position in 2019 where Irvin can serve in that complementary role.The next 48 hours could be interesting for teams looking to upgrade their pass rush. If nobody in the top 10 or so waiver spots puts in a claim on Irvin, it might be because conversations were had between teams and Irvin’s agent. But we’ll see what happens between now and Tuesday.
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