Why the Alliance Should Be Terrified

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Why the Alliance Should Be Terrified

Сообщение JensenBreck 06 дек 2017, 15:55

I've been seeing these 'How Could the Horde Stand a Chance' threads for years now.
It always boils down to the same arguments. "The Horde are too few and too primitive, how could they hope to withstand the awesome might of the numerically and technologically superior Alliance?"
The retorts are usually the same too. "Advance Technology didn't save the Draenei. The Horde is stronger, faster, more willing to do pragmatic things that others will label evil."
Generally if it goes on long enough, those that are willing to meet in the middle will agree that both sides have plot armor.
But that math has changed somewhat recently. The Alliance now essentially have a large chunk of the Army of Light joining them. They also have the mysterious and dark power of the Void Elves. They have a space ship capable of orbital strikes. What military, let alone one that comparatively fights with sticks and stones like the Horde, could possibly stand against them?

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